How to Configure Thunderbird Application with Your Webmail.

Thunderbird is a mail application like many applications e.g. MS outlook and you can configure it to be your default mail application.

Here are simple steps to setting up Mozilla thunderbird.

  1. Download the application from the website.
  2. Double click the downloaded application to install it.
  3. Once the installation is done, launch the application to start
  4. Once the application starts, it will prompt you to setup an account or continue with the existing account.
  5. If not prompted, click FILE and add an account to start the setup wizard.
  6. The first window will ask if you want to import from an existing account; select don’t import and click next.
  7. The new account window comes, select EMAIL ACCOUNT and click next.
  8. Fill the following information in the next window.

Your name: enter your preferred name

Your email address: the email address you are configuring eg [email protected]

  1. On the server information, enter the following information and click next.

Select IMAP.

Incoming mail server: mail.yourdomainname(this is very specific)

Outgoing mail server:mail.yourdomainname(very specific also)

Nb: the incoming and outgoing mail servers bare the same name. e.g.s; where ryanada is the domainname.

  1. Enter the email address as your username
  2. Account name enter webmail and click next
  3. You’ll get a summary of all your settings
  4. Click finish
  5. Thunderbird will connect to your mail server and it prompt you a password, enter your email password.

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