Configuring The wordpress Permalink Structure

Configuring The WordPress Permalink Structure

Permalinks are names of URL links in WordPress used to link your website content. They should be permanent links showing your individual pages,archives and posts and hence the name permalink implying that they are SEO friendly. To customize your Links for the website ensure they are appealing by avoiding putting dates on them.



How to create permalinks;

  • Under the website dashboard click on settings,-permalinks




  • Click to open, -select post name










  • At the end of the page there is a blue box- click save

To configure the permalink

  • Log in WordPress as the administrator
  • Click on settings, permalinks, select on the permalink structure to use
  • Under optional- further customization can be done
  • Under category, enter a new URL that categorizes articles
  • Under tagged- enter a new URL that shows articles tagged
  • Click on save changes for new changes to take place.

A custom permalink can be created without affecting the others when a change is needed for a single post. This is by before publishing, click edit post and change URL to your preferred. Then activate.

Tags and categories can also be edited by- go to posts-click categories-click edit- edit on custom permalinks.

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