Add currency type in WHMCS

Most times it’s more convenient to work with local currency than the default currency, USD that is configured in WHMCS. You’d like to work with Kenyan Shillings as an additional currency in WHMCS. To add KES as a currency in WHMCS, follow the steps below:

1. Login to WHMCS as Admin

2. Navigate to Setup>>Payment>>Currencies

3. Confirm your admin password to continue

4. Under Add Additional Currency, fill in the form displayed as follows:

Currency code: KES

Prefix: What letters you’d like to appear before the amount eg Ksh, Ksh., KES, sh etc

Suffix: Leave this blank as we normally dont place the currency type after the amount eg 150Ksh

Base Conv. Rate: How many USD equals the KES 1?

5. Once through, click Add Currency

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