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Truehost Cloud is the Best Domain Name Registrar in Kenya

Truehost Cloud is accredited by KENIC to sell and manage Kenya Country Level Domains, cheapest .KE, .CO.KE Domain Name

Truehost Cloud is Kenya’s leading domain registrar, specializing in the sale of all the Kenyan country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). We are registered and authorized by KeNIC, the .ke domain registry, as a registrar of all second and third level .ke Kenyan domains, giving the best prices for both renewal and registration. With many years of experience in domain registration and web hosting, Truehost offers .ke domains that are listed below:

  • .ac.ke

This is reserved for higher education institutions in Kenya (Tertiary Institution such as polytechnics, technical institutes, colleges or universities). To register this domain, Truehost requires proof of registration, which can be in the form of letter of registration from Ministry of Education, The Commission for University Education charter, or even the act of parliament.


  • .co.ke

This is the preferred Kenyan domain for companies, and businesses, the equivalent of a .com. The .co.ke domain is also used as a general purpose domain by many people in Kenya, and this why 70% of all Kenyan domains registered by Truehost Cloud are .co.ke.


  • .go.ke

This domain is reserved for government institutions or agencies. Truehost registers this domain through the Kenyan Government Department of Information Technology Services. The supporting documents required is a proof that the user is a government institution or agency, and is authorized to use that name.


  • .info.ke

The global equivalent for this is .info, and is used for information purposes.


  • .me.ke

This Kenyan domain is used for personal names. This is important for every person to register your .me.ke domain before it is taken by someone else.


  • .mobi.ke

This domain is meant for mobile content. This is useful because Kenya has the fastest mobile speeds in Africa, and beats global giants such as the US in terms of mobile internet speeds.


  • .ne.ke

This is the domain for network devices, and is the Kenyan equivalent for the global Top Level Domain .net


  • or.ke

This domain is meant for use by organizations  or Non Profit Organizations in Kenya.


  • sc.ke

The domain for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning such as primary and secondary schools. To register this domain, Truehost Cloud requires the registrant to produce a letter of registration from the Ministry of Education.

To register your .ke domain name, enter the name of the domain in the search box on top of the page and click on ‘Check availability’ link. If it is available for registration, click on add to cart, make payment, and your .ke domain will be registered immediately.

In case of any difficulty or challenge, engage us on the chat at the bottom of the page.

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