Docker & Kubenetes

Docker & Kubenetes

Docker is one of the most popular container. Containers are important in ensuring a standard deployment environment irrespective of the cloud infrastructure involved.

Kubenetes is the best container orchestration, Kubenentes is developed and maintained by Google.

Docker and Kubenentes provide a powerful developer cloud platform with the following qualities

Highly Scalability

Extra nodes can be added in a click, apps can scale to multiple nodes instantaneously on demand

Standard Deployment Cloud

Docker and Kubenetes ensures the production or development environment is standard irrespective of the underlining cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Enabler

Developers can create a hybrid environment in a click, scale nodes across the different cloud platforms hassle-free. Truehost Cloud support clusters running across Truehost Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Ovh Cloud among other cloud partners.


Highly Reliable and Available Cloud Platform

Docker + Kubenetes allow creation of a highly redundant cloud platform running across multiple cloud providers. Failure in one of the nodes or cloud platform does not lead to downtime in service.


Launch your App with Truehost Cloud Docker + Kubernetes platform today.


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