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VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting: Which One Should You Choose?

Last updated on October 29th, 2020 at 10:53 am

Today, we are looking at VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting Kenya. Which one is better, thus perfect for your website? Continue reading to find out.

With a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you get complete resource isolation. This means that hardware resources like CPU, hard disk space, and memory assigned to a virtual server are dedicated and fully available at all times.

In a shared hosting platform, all accounts on the physical server share the resources and most of the resources are limited to prevent overuse.

Virtual Private Servers have their own operating system. You get full SSH root access to the virtual server. This gives you the control and flexibility to install/uninstall the server’s software and applications allowing for the customization of the server configuration files.

Shared hosting accounts depends on the OS and packages that are installed on the host server. All services are located on the host server.

VPS however requires some technical knowledge although it can be easily managed with a control panel such as DirectAdmin, cPanel, Webmin, and CentOS Web Panel. Individuals who are new to Linux Administration usually find that a Virtual Server is the best place to start learning

VPS hosting is generally more secure and reliable with much higher performance levels compared to a shared hosting account. The benefits of VPS hosting are way more than shared hosting whether you need a small email server with minimal resources or a web server with enough resources to support heavy traffic and extensive database applications.

You can get your VPS for as low as Ksh 499. Our expert sysadmins will also assist in installing a web control panel of your choice if you need one.

That should settle the VPS Hosting VS Shared Hosting battle in.


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