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.ke domain registration

.ke domain registration

The dot ke domain is the top level domain for Kenya (ccTLD), which supports the registration of second level Kenyan domains. .ke domain registration is becoming popular, yet most people still have several questions regarding the .ke second level domains. Here, we help you understand everything about .ke domain under the following subheadings:

When will .ke domains be available for registration?

The Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) unveiled the .ke second level domain in 5 stages namely: sunrise period, grandfathering period, land rush period, cooling-off period and general availability period. The general availability period started on 19th January 2018 and it meant that anyone could now register a .ke domain. The domains have since been available for registration for anyone worldwide.

How can I register a .ke domain?

Since 19th January 2018, KeNIC allowed for .ke domain registration for the general public. The procedure for .ke domain registration is quite easy. First, visit KeNIC’s domain checker page and search for the availability of the domain name. You need to visit KeNIC’s website to check for the availability as other domain checkers have not yet been updated to include the .ke second level domain. For now, only KeNIC’s page works. Next, you will follow the normal procedure of registering a domain name. This involves: choosing a registrar, placing an order for the domain and making the required payment.

How does the pricing compare?

The pricing of all .ke domains is first determined by KeNIC as it is he Registry for the .ke domain name space. Once they roll out their pricing of the domains, then the registrars are also able to decide how they’ll price the domains for clients. The .ke domain extension is new in the market hence it’s relatively high price compared to and the like – which are also under KeNIC Registry. Some few selected .ke second level domains were registered via bidding process during the Land rush period, making them more expensive. Those ones were sold by KeNIC themselves. After that, the domains averaged for sh10000 per year. Most registrars in Kenya still maintain a high price for the domain. But of course, the price offered by Truehost Cloud Limited for the domain is low as usual, compared to its competitors. At Truehost, .ke domain registration goes for only sh6000.

So why register a .ke domain?

.ke domain registration offers businesses and organisations an opportunity to represent themselves in Kenya in a localised manner. With such a domain name, information on your site meant for Kenyan based business or operations becomes more relevant and localised. It gives the business a sense of professionalism in the eyes of local clients. Local clients will tend to be more comfortable dealing with an organisation with a .ke extension instead of the international extensions such as .com or .org.

Are there any requirements for .ke domain registration?

Other than adhering to the KeNIC’s terms of service regarding domains in its jurisdiction, there are no unique restrictions on registering .ke domains. Anyone from anywhere in the world can register domains with .ke extension. The domain can be registered for a minimum of 1 year – like any other domain. Maximum number of years a .ke second level domain can be registered is 5 years. When you register this domain, it will take a maximum of 3 hours to propagate so that it’s online. But reservation of the domain is made immediately on payment. This is a characteristic of all domains registered under KeNIC.

Can my details be seen on WHOIS once I register a .ke domain?

The function of WHOIS database is to provide reasonably accurate information on the administrative and technical points of contact of a particular domain. Otherwise, the registrant of the domain may risk losing the domain as they may not be contactable. Currently, most domain checkers have not been updated to provide information on .ke domain names. They will display a message that the domain extension is not supported. Nonetheless, KeNIC uses and up-to-date .ke domain checker. Thus, details of the domain registrant will be visible on KeNIC’s domain checker, just like for any other domain name. Additionally, should other registrars also update their domain checkers, your details will be visible. If you wish to hide them, subscribe for WHOIS ID protection at your registrar. Truehost Cloud Limited offers this service for KSh 1000 per year.

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