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Best SSL Certificate in Kenya

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:41 pm

SSL certificates are a security tool that helps secure and protect data that is exchanged between a server and a web browser, by encrypting it to prevent any interception by unauthorized persons. Encrypted data means that one needs key to decrypt and understand the content of the data, and thus any man in the middle attacker cannot read encrypted data, even if they are able to intercept the data. SSL certificate is an important cybersecurity tool in Kenya, and every website needs to have one both for security purposes, and also for improved SEO ranking with search engines.

There are several types of SSL certificate available in Kenya, and the choice of the best SSL certificate to use depends on several factors, such as:

  • Level of protection offered

  • Type of encryption used

  • Certification process

  • Ease of acquisition and installation

  • Featured included in the SSL certificate

The best SSL certificate to use in Kenya include the following

  1. Extended Validation SSL certificate

This is the best SSL certificate that one can use on a website. In addition to offering encryption to your data, this certificate goes ahead to verify the authenticity of the entity that owns the website, by confirming the physical existence and registration with the relevant authorities.

When this certificate is used, a green bar with the entity’s name appears on the address bar of the web browser, thus helping the users know who owns the website that they are dealing with. In kenya, EV SSL certificate are popular with banks, big corporations, and e-commerce websites.

  1. Organization validated SSL Certificate

This is the second best type of SSL certificate available in Kenya. The OV certificate involves vetting of the organization that want to use the certificate, by confirming several details about the organization. Although it is not as intensive as the EV certificate, the OV certificate gives the assurance that the protected website belongs to the listed entity.

  1. Domain validated certificate

This is the cheapest and most widely used SSL certificate in Kenya. The DV certificate gives the assurance that the data you are sending goes to that domain name, and requires the user to prove the ownership of that domain during the installation.

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