VPS Based in Kenya

VPS Based in Kenya Virtual Private Servers in Kenya are a key investment for any business operating in the region. These offer firms and businesses a chance to have their data physically located in Kenya, without unnecessary CapEx Spend, and with the flexibility of quick set up, buying on demand […]

Reliable webhosting Services.

Reliable webhosting Services. Every business in Kenya requires a Reliable web hosting service provider. Reliable web host is what defines Truehost Cloud from other players in web and email hosting market. Reliable email and web hosting requires quality and fast servers that have 100% uptime. Truehost Cloud has linux and […]

Kenic domain registrars

Kenic domain registrars Kenic stands for Kenya Network Information Centre. This is a government sponsored organization that operates under CA, Communication Authority – the Kenyan government body in charge of regulation of telecommunication entities and their operations. CA through Kenic licenses and regulates .KE domain registrars in Kenya. Kenic operates […]

Terms of Service

This POLICY governs the use of Truehost Kenya’s web hosting service. Violation of this POLICY may result in suspension or termination of your service. In the event of a dispute between you and Truehost Kenya regarding the interpretation of this POLICY, Truehost Kenya’s interpretation, in its reasonable commercial judgment, shall […]

How to increase Upload size in Cpanel

Change the Cpanel Theme to lantern_paper Scroll down to software section Click the Multiphp ini Editor Select the Basic mode On the dropdown, select the home directory Scroll down to the last item, upload_max_filesize and change to the one want. Enjoy your uploads

What is cache memory in browsers?

Cache memory is a kind of memory that your browser uses to store a history of the web pages that you visit. It helps the browser to load those pages faster the next time you visit them. How to clear cache memory. Mozilla: Click on the history menu. Click on […]

How can I reset the FTP account password?

Have you forgotten your ftp password of any of your accounts? That cab be worrying but worry no more. You can reset your ftp account’s password. Login to cpanel. Navigate to cpanel FTP accounts (home>files>FTP accounts) Click change password of the account you want.