How to remove the branding on wordpress footer

Perhaps you wonder whether you can remove the Powered by WordPress footer branding on WordPRess themes. Some people even ask whether it is leagal to remove that branding. Well, here is the good news. You can remove the brandong and it’s absolutely legal as WordPress is released under GPL. We’ll look at two ways of remving these footer,

1. The theme setting page

  • Log in to your wordpress admin dashboard. If your domain is, this dashboard is normally accessed via
  • Access the theme customiser by going to Apperance>>>Customize on the left pane
  • From there, you will see the Copyright Area Link. Click it and edit the values.











2. Edit footer.php

  • Login to your WordPress admin area
  • On the left navigation pane, click on Appearance>>>Editor. You will get a warning about how you shouldn’t edit the files. But we know what we are doing so click I understand
















  • Click on footer link so as to edit the footer.php file





  • Search for the words in the footer and replace them with your words
  • Click Update

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