Locked out of WordPress – Here’s the Fix

The solution is to reset your plugs – manually. Here’s how

You have two options for resetting your plugins manually:

  1. Use your File Manager in cPanel
  2. Use an FTP Client like Filezilla

For the sake of ease, I’m going to walk you through the quick steps of how to do this via the File Manager in your cPanel.

Here we go!

  • Login to your hosting cPanel.
  • Scroll down to the Files section in your cPanel.
  • Select File Manager.
  • From there, a new screen will open showing the files of your website. Scroll down to the folder that says wp-content and open.
  • After that, select the plugins folder, but don’t open it. Instead, highlight it by right clicking on it and then select the RENAME option.
  • Rename your plugins folder “plugins.hold” and save. (Don’t log out just yet as you’ll need to do something else in a bit.)

After that, you will have deactivated your plugins and can open a new window tab in your browser and you should now be able to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Your journey isn’t over just yet, though.

Now that you can login into your dashboard, you need to go back to your plugins folder in the File Manager and change the name of your “plugins.hold” folder back to just “plugins“. This way everything will be the way it was before things glitched out and you won’t be creating another problem to solve later.

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