WordPress plugins

WordPress Plugins

Activation of plugins is importance once WordPress is installed and the theme is chosen. Plug-ins can be downloaded from the wordpress.org on premium or for free through the wordpress direcory. Paid premiums are highly encouraged because theres always a full time staff trying to manage the wordpress plug-ins to ensure security and compatibility of versions. They support staff and developers offer support when theres any issue with the pluggins. Every plug-in do have its own function different from the other. Some plug-ins are as explained below;

  1. iTthemes security plug-in- it usually works to protect the wordpress from Spam content to brute force common attacks that come from common loopholes such as known direct URL of a website and thirdparty plugins. Itheme protects it from being hacked
  2. Cache plugin- the user can consider Yoast SEO as the best,or Humming bird/WP super cache or W3 Total Cache- to avoid loosing your search engine optimization(SEO) because of low speed of loading when visitors are browsing your page, consider Hummingbird plug-in. This plug-in scans your site, clears cache, compresses and merges data and gives an analysis of your site speed. The user can therefore fix the problems to add on the speed and optimize his website search. As for the Wp super cache it ensures that HTML super files are available to visitors who ain’t online. W3 also boosts the server performance in times of traffic.
  3. Google Analytics+- this plug-in enables the user to monitor the sites statistics such as;time when visitors check the site, demographics monitor, shopping behaviors analysis and sends the information to the admin dashboard. This helps in improving your site boosting the products performance. This is due to Google analytics + that has a room for advanced settings
  4. Google XML site maps- this plug-in gives your website an index that notifies them of any post made on your website and this eases the retrieval of results.
  5. The Duplicator plug-in or wordpress Importer- this plug-in helps during migration of a site because it duplicates, back up,move and also transfer a site. The WordPress is later tested for validation. In addition to duplicator, a broken checker link can be added so that URLs can be edited automatically instead of manually.
  6. Spam filtering(Akismet) – since WordPress do not automatically detect Spam, it maybe annoying to keep deleting Spam comments after every log in especially when you have to do it manually. But with Akismet its easy to auto-delete Spam’s or block any comment looking like a Spam. Then they are marked and highlighted in the history.



There are more than 10 plug-ins that can always be downloaded in WordPress to ease its functionality. The only thing that is important is checking their compatibility with the WordPress versions.

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