What is whois?


Whois is a service that provides information about a registered domain. Information provided by whois includes:

  • Registrant name and contact details.
  • The name of the company that registered the domain name(Registrar) and it’s contact details
  • The name servers the domain points to
  • Registration, Update and expiry dates of domain names

The whois database also allows us to determine which domains are already registred and are thus unavailable for registration.

Importance of whois database.

The purpose of the WHOIS database, is to provide reasonably accurate and up to date information about the technical and administrative points of contact administering the domain names under the .ke TLD. If the Registry is holding false, incorrect or outdated information, the Registrant will not be contactable and may lose the name. By deliberately submitting inaccurate information, is illegal and could result in loosing a domain name.

Verifiaction of whois information

For the .com, .org, .net and some other international domain name extensions, the registrar of the domain is required to verify the email address forwarded to the registry during registration. Failure to verify the email address used to register your domain leads to temporary deactivation of your domain until the email is verified.

Whois protection

Some domain registrars allow domain owners to hide some details in their public whois database. They do this by replacing the registrant details with the registrars. This is called Whois Privacy Protection. Ideally, the email should be scrumbled to one as shown below.

[email protected]

If you want to contact the owner of the domain, you will send an email to the given address and the email will be privately redirected to the ownwers reall email address.

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