What is a Domain Name?

Many times you have wondered whether a domain is the same as a website. The answer to this is a resounding NO. There’s a clear difference though there is also a linking point. To run a website you need a domain, but it’s possible to have a thousand domains and there’s no website.

A domain is that part of the URL (uniform resource Locator) that appears in the address bar when you browse or visit a certain website. A domain is not a physical thing or even those lines of code, it’s just a unique identifier that points to where the site is physically hosted.

A domain contains two parts a string of characters and a suffix. For example truehost.co.ke TRUEHOST is the string of characters which is the company name and .CO.KE is the suffix meaning it’s a commercial site registered in .ke ccTLD.

There are very many suffixes or extensions that you can choose and the registrar gives suggestions of the many available extensions.

Your domain must be unique but it has to be simple to be identified and recognized by people visiting your site. The domain also must be short, this helps visitors to remember it easily.

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