Is your website adding any value to your business?

While big businesses and organizations have many metrics to measure the value they get from their websites, it is usually not the case with small organizations or individual users. Usually, people with technical know-how can use various online tools to measure the performance of their websites, but it is not so for users without the skills or with a tight budget.

To get the best out of your website, there are a few things you can do to get visitors and ultimately achieve your objectives. Some suggested approaches:

  1. Get more from your website by tweaking a few things. This could be something like redesign to make your website more appealing to visitors. Ensure that you research on the key words that can give you traffic and increase the content in your website.
  2. Search engine optimization to get your website ranking highly in Google search and other search engines. While it is not every person who can effectively do this, most web developers can do this for you at a low cost.
  3. Consider regular blogging. There are people seeking information and you could be the answer to that. You could also consider having a knowledge base that answers frequently asked questions, so that your visitors do not have to ask.
  4. Get social media accounts for your pages. This is the social arm of your website and it helps people to interact your website.

Case study:

John owns a private school in Kenya, and he has had a website for the school for three years now. However, John can’t tell if he gets any value from the website. He pays renewal fees every year, and would want to get value for the money. What can he do to get the value for his money?

What John possibly needs is people to find his school, especially potential parents who have school going children. These are recommendations on how he can achieve this:

  • Post articles that are relevant to parents and pupils. These could include information on how to receive the KCSE results, the most recommended books and revision materials, remarkable talents exhibited by a student, how to find a good school, how to excel in exams or games, importance of good discipline etc. The best topics to write on can be determined through finding out which topics search for on search engines (keywords).
  • Post information about the schools such as extra curricular activities, awards won, teacher of the year, upcoming projects, pictures from the past school trips, a video taken on the prize giving day etc. There could also be a notice page for providing announcements, and a login portal for parents and teachers where critical information can be shared, as well as place to download children’s progress reports.
  • Create social media pages that will be used to interact with stakeholders, and also share content from the website. Ask the parents to follow the school’s page.
  • Design a website that is appealing to visitors, and that follows good design principles.
  • Mention other relevant websites on the school’s website, like universities’ websites, scholarship programs etc.
  • Find a good hosting service provider to host the website, preferably a local company that has servers in the country.

These are just recommendations; there are many other ways to ensure value. Remember that you have to put some time, efforts and resources for success, as nothing good comes for free.

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