Truehost Cpanel provides the following security features to ensure your hosted files are safeguarded.

On the Cpanel, you can control levels of security for your emails, website files, blog posts, online comments, images and limit access to secure browsers only:

  1. SSL/TLS feature offers internal and external security: Internally it prevent malware from being injected to your server/ hosting/emails. Externally, the SSL protects website visitor data, cookies and links from being replicated by hackers with the encryption mode.

SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is symbolically represented as https on address bar.

It provides secure connection between webserver and the browser.

It safeguards data transmission between applications and servers.

In addition, this CERTIFICATE improves level of interaction between internet users on your site by boosting their confidence.

The certificate is capable of improving your organic ranking on search engines, as more traffic from confident users bring in suitable business results.

When you learn how the SSL certificate feature brings value on your website, you will then consider the budget allocation to invest on it.

Various SSL versions have value added on their security model:

Simple websites utilize the single domain ssl certificates. Ecommerce websites recommend use of wildcard certificate and Organizations value the green bar utility thus settle with Extended Validation.

Several brands are available for SSL such as Comodo, Symantec, Thwate , Rapid, Certum and Geotrust. Every brand offers a level of uniqueness to help overcome customers’ security concerns.

  1. MOD SECURITY- Limits the online updates thus serves as internal guard against unauthorized updates.
  2. IP BLOCKER- this feature is useful to limit access along certain geolocations. It filters out ip blocks of highly risky geolocations, thus improving levels of security.
  3. HOTLINK PROTECTION- security feature that shield web addresses against by-passes appended on adverts and media files.
  4. LEECH PROTECTION-This is the tool to restrict access on restricted “classified” sections of your site. It protects your password and username from leaking to other online users. Helps owner manage access levels of the website users.
  5. SSH- Access: provides secure login remotely. Here the security is guaranteed by use of digital certificate and encrypted passwords. Offers security over insecure networks.


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