Redirects in Plesk- Window Shared


Redirects in Plesk- Window Shared

A 301 redirect is inevitable while moving a particular page or website to another URL ,. It helps visitors when they login to the page being restructured to be automatically redirected to the new website page. If the user is sure that he wants the redirect to be permanent he can use a 301 redirect and a 302 for temporal purposes. The primary domain must be the domain registered with your service provider. If the redirect involves a domain being redirected to the primary domain.

Follow the instructions below

  • Login to Plesk and click on domains from your left bar








  • Double Click on Add Domain Alias

If the domain had not been added to plesk there before, click on add domain, in a case of Subdomain click on Add Sub-domain( click on host settings-change- forwarding then OK).




The example below shows how to add a Subdomain URL












  • on www- enter the domain you would want the primary domain to be redirected to and finally click ok for a successful redirect.

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