Most popular SSL/TLS certificate in Kenya

The need to have an SSL certificate has been ever growing and now with the browser initiative, it has become more crucial than ever for sites to have SSL certificates installed. The to the campaign dabbed HTTPS Everywhere, spear headed by Google, intends to have the internet 100% encrypted. As such more people are opting to subscribe for SSL certificates even as it becomes clearer SSL certificates will soon not be optional in the internet space.

According to our sales of SSL certificates, the most common SSL certificates in Kenya are:

1. Comodo Positive SSL

This one is one of the most popular SSL certificates around the world. It is very cheap and is a domain validated SSL. This means it doesn’t need any organization validation information for it to be issued. It’s issuance typically takes a few minutes. Comodo Positive SSL covers a single domain – www and non – www version. It’s by far the most popular SSL certificate bought by Kenyans.

2. Let’s Encrypt

This is the worlds first free SSL certificate. It provides the same encryption standards as any other certificate but has two main advantages: It’s free for life and It’s issued very fast. The issuance of this certificate has been automated in many levels. In cpanel or Plesk, you can issue this SSL by simply clicking a button. EFF’s certbot allows you to issue this certificate to your domains via a command in the CLI – then automate it’s renewal process via another command. Let’s Encrypt covers unlimited number of domains and can be issued as a wildcard SSL.

3. Rapid SSL certificate.

This one comes from Rapid SSL – a constituent company of SSL giants DigiCert. It’s outstanding property is that, it’s issued very fast – in a matter of minutes. Rapid SSL has it’s systems fully automated and enhanced to provision the certificates as fast as possible. The SSL secures a single domain but both www and non-www version of the domain.

4. Comodo Extended Validation SSL

Generally, Comodo SSL certifciates are cheaper than those of any other CA. When it comes to the Extended Validation SSL certificate, a number of organizations opt for Comodo specifically due to the fact that it’s cheap. The EV SSL displays a green bar alongside the green padlock and https shown on the address bar. It covers a single domain and is mostly used by financial institutions, e-commerce stores, cloud computing companies and county governments in Kenya.

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