Manually Registering/Renewing a Domain

For some trusted customers, or indeed for your own domains, you may wish to register or renew a domain without payment. To do this:

1. Navigate to the domains tab in the client’s profile for the desired domain

2. Click the Renew button in the Registrar Commands row of buttons to immediately send a renewal request to the domain registrar. If successful, the expiry date will update. You should also increment the next due date if you are manually handling payment as below.

Now if the domain is already invoiced, and automatic renewal on payment is enabled, when that invoice is paid under normal circumstances, another domain renewal request would get sent to the registrar. That is unless you stop it. So to do that you need to also perform these steps:

1. Locate the invoice for the domain (click the View Invoices link on the domain page to jump straight to a list of invoices for just that domain)

2. Copy the line item and amount for the domain from the existing line to a new invoice line item and save

3. Then delete the original line item from the invoice and by doing that you are removing the actual link to the domain when paid so no further renewal will occur

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