Knowledge on Centos Web Panel.


1: Login to CWP using your root User.

2: This is the normal outlook of CWP

3: Create a user account on CWP attached to your domain or Subdomain.

  1. Open the User accounts section.
  1. Click on New Account.
  1. Create a new account and attach your domain. In this case I will be attaching a subdomain.

4: The Panel will generate your logins for you to copy. Copy these credentials and save them somewhere safe.

5: Back on User Accounts click on List Accounts to view your newly created account.

6: Click on the settings Icon next to the Username to open the account panel. It should look like this.

7: Scroll down to a section called Addons, where the WordPress Icon appears.

8: Click on the wordpress Icon to open the wordpress installations section.
In this case as it is a fresh installation there will be none

On the section click on Add New WordPress

9:Add your wordpress details, including creating a user and his password.
Choose your preferred Theme at the bottom.
Then click on install at the bottom.

  1. Click on continue on both the dialog boxes that open up.
  2. There you go you have installed wordpress on CWP.
    Go ahead and open it up.

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