What to do if you have installed Wordpess but your site still shows Website Under Construction

WordPress can be easily installed via Softaculous App Installer in the cpanel. However, a good number of times, people install WordPress on the wrong folder in cpanel hence are not able to view their site after installation.

This happens because, by default, WordPress is installed on a folder called wp. To install in the main directory, you need make sure you remove the wp as the root directory during installation. But if you’ve already installed, here’s how you can rectify that:

1. Login to the cPanel

2. Go to File Manager >> public_html

3. Look for a folder called wp . Access it and Select All files.

4. Move the files into the public_html folder. You can do this by a simple drag-and-drop or by Right Clicking and selecting Move, then specify public_html as shown below.

5. Once through, return to the cPanel Home page and Access phpMyAdmin which is under Databases

6. Once loaded, click on your websites database (normally the databases are named using your cpanel username a random string eg username_wp123). If you have several databases and are unsure which one belongs to your current site, go back to File Manager >> public_html and open a file called wp-config.php. You will see the database name specified there at line 26.

7. Once accessed, look for the options table, eg wp-options The table may have a different prefix eg wpxf-options etc

8. Under options table the first two rows will include siteurl and home. Double click on those and edit to remove the wp extensions. Those links should be as illustrated below.   

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