How To Use The File Manager In The cPanel


How To use The File Manager In cPanel

The easiness to modify,add,delete and access your files in the account is enabled by the file manager. Below are the steps to log in the file manager

  • Login to the cpanel and click on the file manager under the files header








File Manager area






  • Truehost file manager has a task bar at the top, that carries out the tasks of modifying the account such as, creating new files,editing,deleting and others.

  • At the left is where the structure of the files is illustrated downwards




  • The structure below shows the files structure in the file manager














  • The structure below shows user location and it can be changed to suit the need of the user


  • To view hidden files, click on settings at the left side of the file header, a checkbox appears below


  • A check box appears below, click save

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