How to Use Google analytics

Using Google Analytics With WordPress

Google analytics is better used as a plug-in to help the website owner to know when and how the visitors of his site log in to the website. This helps in knowing your audience,and in boosting the performance of your product to satisfy your clients needs.

How to install a Google Analytics + plugin;

  • Search for
  • You will be prompted to login and do so for you to create an account’s
  • Next a tool for signing into Google analytics will appear
  • Enter your details as you would love them to appear on Google analytics(website name,account name and URL). Click to agree to the terms
  • Ensure the tracking code that pops in the next step is copied. The same code is usually used in logging to WordPress.
  • Ensure the header of your theme reads as wp-head
  • In your plug-in folder create a new file folder
  • use your tracking code from Google analytics and add some code
  • Activate it

To install Google analytics in WordPress;

  • Ensure you are using
  • Click on plugins -add new






  • You can search through

  • Click install on . After its installed a message will pop to show success.

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