How to set up mail signature on webmail

  • Login to your webmail account using the email address and password you created on Cpanel
  • Select the most preferred email application, horde/round cube/ squirrel mail

For Horde:

  • Go to settings, select preferences, select global preferences
  • On the right hand side, click edit preferences and select Mail
  • Under general, select Personal information
  • Select the email address whose signature you want to add as the identity you want to change
  • Under signature fill in desired signature message or image.
  • Click save

For Round cube:

  • Go to settings on top right hand corner
  • Select identities
  • Double click on email address you want to add the signature to
  • Under signature fill in desired message or image
  • Click save

For squirrel Mail:

  • Click on options
  • Select personal information
  • Under signatures fill in desired message
  • Click submit
  • Under signature options, select use signature
  • Click submit

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