How To Install and configure Google XML sitemaps in WordPress

Installing and Configuring The Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Google XML sitemap increases the search engine of a blog by indexing it such that posts made to the website can be spotted easily by engines when installed in wordpress. This makes it easier for the user to monitor the traffic statistics.

The steps below can help you during installations;

  • Login to WordPress with your administration details
  • On the left click on plug-ins
  • Add new
  • In the search area search for Google XML sitemaps
  • Click on details after locating it and install
  • Then click on activate plug-in
  • In case changes are needed,review and adjust them by clicking on update options.

To configure Google XML sitemaps plug-in;

  • Log in as the administrator in the wordpress sitemaps
  • Go to settings- click on XML sitemap
  • Select the browsers to be notified on updates, under the basic options
  • under Sitemap content- choose content to be added in the sitemap index
  • Ensure the settings to ensure conformity with other websites – review the default settings
  • Click the update options area

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