How To Enable Pingbacks and Trackbacks in WordPress

How To Enable and Disable ping-backs and Track-backs in WordPress

Ping-backs are remote comments while track-backs are links to notification. Both are automatically sent to a post in case the comment is linked to another WordPress blog before its published. For ping-backs and track-backs to work, they must be enabled in your WordPress comments page. They help you refer and approve the comment or disapprove it. Not everyone wants these ping-backs and track-backs on their website because mostly they are used by spammers to send unnecessary comments and Spam. This may be annoying and therefore the website owner can always disable them to avoid traffic and queues on your website and enable them when its necessary.

Below is how pingbacks and trackbacks can be disabled;

  • Login to the WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to settings -the click on discussions





  • On the comments area check the box to enable and uncheck it to disable ping-backs

    Click save changes for success

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