How to Create a user Level Filtering In Truehost Cpanel

How To Create User Level Filtering in Truehost cpanel

Filtering helps in discarding some emails and for instance Spam and also redirecting some to other addresses and folders. With user-level filtering, only emails intended for your account remains in the folder. This makes sorting and analysis of your data easier.

Emails can be filtered globally or normal filtering.






How To create an email filter in the cpanel;

  • Click on email filters in the email section
  • On the left click on manage filters of the user whose emails should be filtered











  • Click on create A NEW filter








  • Add your details














The filter name – this should be the name you plan to call your email filter

On the rules– there’s a text box reading from and at the end, there is a drop-down box.

From– is the email address where the message will come from

Subject- is the head of the message to be filtered

To – address of the message that will lead to separation(filter)

Body– the whole message content that will lead to filters

Error message– filters according to errors

Any recipient- filters all incoming emails

Any header– the header will be scanned according to a certain way/method

Has not been previously delivered– filters emails still in the queue

Spam status– definition of whether an email is recorded as spam or not

Spam score– the rate the spam/rank email should be assigned by Spamassassin

Spam bar– what the content of the email should be contained for it to be called a Spam and how it should be noted when the Spam rate is too high

The contains Box– the email select should be filtered if it contains a specific string, matches a specific string, ends with it, does not contain a specific string, does not end with or does not match certain criteria.

As for the action, it should be selected according to how you want the specified email to be treated once it’s filtered. Whether to be discarded-deleted, fail with message – notify the sender that it has failed, stop processing rule– not to follow the rules you specified, deliver to folder- the email be sent to your specific folder and lastly pipe to a program – means that the message will be attached to a program you specified.

The cpanel gives you more hints of how to treat your messages.

  • Click create to save the created filter

The created filter will now be found in your email filters and this way they can always be tested for functionality.













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