How to edit content using for a website designed using the Beautiful Website Builder

The Beautiful Website Builder makes everyone a website developer. It has simplified the art of web design and creation. With it, you can create a top class website in under 5 minutes. The Builder allows you to clone a site you like and simply change the wordings, images and videos.

Sometimes though, you may experience a challenge when trying to change parts of your new cloned website. This article is here to help you change the wordings of your site after a successful clone operation. In this article, we will edit a copyright writing at the bottom of the page.

1. Log in to cPanel >> File Manager >> public_html If you installed your website in a different folder eg a sub domain, access that folder instead of public_html

2. In your site’s root directory, access a folder called sitepro. In it you’ll see several php files named using numbers e.g 1.php, 10.php etc

3. Each of these files represent your website pages. To edit, right click on one page, say 1.php and click Edit. A new tab will open with the source code.

4. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to pop up the Search box on the top right side of your page. We will use it to easily find the words we want to edit instead of searching line by line for the words. Type the words you want to search for and click Find.

5. Delete the words and replace with your custom wording.

6. Repeat the Steps 1 to 5 for all the pages

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