How to create a product in WHMCS

For you to utilise WHMCS, you need to create products that will be accessed from client side so that your clients can place orders. The creation of these products also provides you with links that you can use in the pricing tables in your website. To create products, follow the steps below:

1. Login to WHMCS as Admin.

2. Navigate to Setup>>Products/Services>>Products/Services.

3. From there, you can start by creating groups by clicking Create a New Group so that you can separate the various products you offer eg Hosting, SSL certificates, Servers etc

4. You can then click Create a New Product to Add Products. Provide the name of the product then click Continue. Under Product Description, list the properties of your product eg 10gb Space, Unlimited Emails etc

5. Click Save Changes. The products should now be displayed on your WHMCS Client side.

6. To get the links to use in your pricing table on the website, navigate back to Setup>>Products/Services>>Products/Services. Click on a product’s edit icon on the right of the product (See image below) then click the tab labelled Links. You will find the various links you could use with your pricing tables 

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