Connect to a Windows Server (VPS/Dedicated) using Remote Desktop (RDP)

Connect to a Windows Server (VPS/Dedicated) using Remote Desktop (RDP)

Once your Windows server has been set-up, you can access it using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In Windows, RDP client comes preinstalled on the operating system. You can also download and install an RDP clients on Linux or MacOSX and use it to connect to the server. For the example, below we use Windows and Linux to illustrate.

Using Windows.

  1. Start the Remote Desktop Client   
  2. In the Computer text box, type the IP of the server e.g Then click Connect
  3. In the next Dialog box, click Connect. This will confirm that the server is trusted
  4. In the next Dialog box, enter the log in credentials for the server.

  1. Click Ok. The connection progress will be shown briefly then Remote Desktop will appear.
  2. You are now connected to the server via RDP. The next time you connect, you will just type in the User name and Password. If you tick remember me check box, the credentials will be saved and you will simply click OK to connect.

Using Linux (Centos)

For Linux, the Remote Desktop Client we will use is xfreerdp. Install it on your computer using the package manager for your distribution.

After that, follow these steps:

  1. Fire up Terminal and type the following command; specify the parameters in [ ] accordingly:

Command: xfreerdp -g [AxB] -u [username] [IP]

Example:  [[email protected] ~]$ xfreerdp -g 1024×600 -u Administrator

  1. This will prompt for a password. Enter the password for the server user name specified.

  1. You are now connected to the server via RDP

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