How to Change an ip addresses in whm

To move an account from one ip to another in WHM follow these steps

  • Log into WHM using root login details. (your ip/whm – substituting your correct ip address)
  • In the search option, type “Show IP Address Usage” Then click on that option when it comes up:

  • From here, you’ll be able to see which ip addresses are used, and which ones are available.  If you need additional ips, please open a ticket, and we can help you get one assigned:

  • Next, in the search option (per step 1), type “Change a site” (without quotes).  Click on the option to “Change a Site’s IP Address”:

  • Select the appropriate domain and cpanel user from the list, then click on “Change”

  • Select the appropriate ip address from the dropdown menu, then click to save the changes:

  • The system will move the account to the appropriate ip address.  Please note this process typically results in hours of propagation downtime, so you may wish to do this during off peak hours.

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