Adding SRV to your Windows Servers

Service (SRV) record. Allows administrators to use several servers for a single DNS domain, to easily move a TCP/IP service from one host to another host with administration, and to designate some service provider hosts as primary servers for a service and other hosts as backups. DNS clients that use an SRV-type query ask for a specific TCP/IP service and protocol mapped to a specific DNS domain and receive the names of any available servers. (RFC 2052)

  • Log in to your Windows Server and select DNS.
  • Right-click on your DNS server in the SERVERSpane and select DNS Manager from the context menu.
  • In Forward Lookup Zones, right-click on your domain and select Other New Records from the context menu.

  • In the Resource Record Type dialog, select Service Location (SRV) from the list and click Create Record.

  • Fill in the entries as shown in the example below. Set Service to _autodiscover protocol to _tcp, and Port number to 443, For Host offering this service, enter FQDN eg

  • Click ok.

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