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WordPress Error:

The email could not be sent.
Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function.


Recreating Error

Error is obtained when trying reset password on wordpress website, submit a contact form from a wordpress website.

Causes of the Errors

Disabled mail() or PHP Mail function on that particular Server.

Why is it Disabled

Most host providers disable mail() function from the server to curb spamming and therefore safeguard server performance and credibility of their emails and general services.

Mail() function allow email sending without authentication so any contact form can be used by anyone (user nobody) to send any amount of mails.

Hosting companies prefer users to use SMTP instead mail


Configure SMTP mail Server for your wordpress or Joomla website.

In CMS such as wordpress, Joomla, e.tc

Install and configure SMTP Mailing Plugin supporting SSL/TLS

Offers you ability to specify the following

  • SMTP host name
  • SMTP port number
  • If SMTPAuth (authentication) should be used.
  • SMTP username
  • SMTP password
  • If the SMTP connection needs to occur over ssl or tls

Use a plugin such as SMTP Mailer

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