How to write and post an article in Joomla

Step 1. Login to your Joomla dashboard.

Step 2. From here you can see 2 options:

           Option 1– Use “Quick Icons” —- In the right menu under ”Quick Icons,” click “Add New Article”

          Option 2– In the top menu, click ”Content” and then click “Article Manager.” Then, click “New” in the top left.

Step 3. On the article editor page, enter a “Title” for your article and choose a “Category” next to that. Then, enter the content for your article beneath.

Step 4. When finished writing your article, click the “save” button in the top left menu. You should receive the following message:

Article successfully saved

Once that is done you won’t be able to see the article yet on your website. You need to do one more thing as explained below:

Before an article is visible on your homepage you will need to set the article as  featured after publishing.

Step 1. Ensure you are logged in to your Joomla dashboard

Step 2. In the top menu, click “Content” and then click “Article Manager.”

Step 3. From here you can:

                  a) Open the article and edit — In the list of articles, click the article title that you would like to edit. In the right menu, under ”Details” set “Featured to Yes.” Then click “Save” in the top left menu.

                  b) Click the Featured start — In the list of articles, find the icon of a “star” under the Featured column) and click it. The star will change from hollow to a blue star.

Step 4. When you visit your Joomla 3.0 homepage now, you should see your featured article display!

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