Cpanel versus Plesk

Cpanel and Plesk are main the competitors in the field of web hosting management. To choose the one use depends on the type of scripts you’re running.

Server management has become easy and manageable because of having this two management tools.  Both have Interactive user interfaces, their performance is also good in terms of loading speed.

Both have features that helps the user manage their servers. Both have ftp, dns emails, file managers and databases capabilities. Both also have capabilities to install 3rd party software e.g. WordPress, joomla etc.

Cpanel and plesk have security features like SSL capabilities, scanners etc.

Truehost cloud is the leading providers of both cpanel and plesk. Truehost is leading provider of cpanel and Plesk in Kenya and worldwide. Truehost provide Plesk and cpanel at a very affordable cost.

Truehost cloud also provide cpanel and Plesk hosting both in shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

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