Domain name registrations in Kenya

Domain name registrations in Kenya There are 200 or about domain registrars and resellers in Kenya. dThe huge number of players in the small industry has led to high competition which has further fueled cost cutting in domain name prices. Players in the web and web services market barely make […]

How to set up mail signature on webmail

set up mail signature on webmail: Login to your webmail account using the email address and password you created on Cpanel Select the most preferred email application, horde/round cube/ squirrel mail For Horde: Go to settings, select preferences, select global preferences On the right hand side, click edit preferences and […]

How to configure email filtering in cpanel

  Open cpanel and open: Home -> email -> Global filters (global filters affect the cPanel account’s email addresses.) Home -> email -> email filters (User level filters affect specific email addresses on the cPanel account.) The first set of options specifies which part of the email message the system […]

What is Email forwarding?

Email forwarding refers to the operation of re-sending an email message delivered to one email address on to a possibly different email address. The term forwarding has no specific technical meaning. Users and administrators of email systems use the same term when speaking of both server-based and client-based forwarding. Email […]

Unable to send Mails on Your WebMail

I know this is very frustrating but lets pause a moment and see the possible reasons this could be happening. 1.   Mail Server (SMTP) is Offline This is a common issue to WHM/cPanel and Plesk servers.  Simply restarting the service from the control panel often fixes the issue. How To […]