How to Upload A Website To The Cpanel

In this guide, I will show you how to upload a website to Cpanel. You see, for a website to be available online, it must be hosted (housed) somewhere. The content viewed by web visitors is usually stored in a hosting account (a server). And to access and control this […]

How to force https on your site

Once you have installed SSL and woudl like to autoredirect your site to https, please follow the steps below: Login to cPanel and navigate to File Manager >> public_html On the to right, click Settings button and select Show Hidden Files then Save This should display files starting with (.) […]


HOW TO CREATE PACKAGE Login to whm Click on packages Assign the value for your custom hosting packages as you prefer Click Add button to save the changes. Your package is now created. HOW TO ADD A DOMAIN NAME IN RESELLER PACKAGE Login to whm Click create a new account […]

The Layout of The Cpanel In Truehost

 The Layout of Truehost Cpanel Account The Truehost layout is portrait with numerous attractive tools. With a successful login, on the right there is the general information that depends on how the website is modified by the user such as primary domain,last login,theme and so much more. On the left […]


Login to client area on truehost -click on my services and select the ssl you want to install. -Click generate certificate now button -Fill details as below -Select your webserver: CPANEL/WHM INPUT YOUR CSR a) To get CSR, login to your cpanel for the domain you are securing with ssl […]