Change domain pricing in WHMCS

As a reseller, you’ll definitely want to change the pricing of the domain to suit you. You may want to increase it at some point or reduce it if you are running an offer. To do so, follow the steps below: 1. Login to WHMCS as Admin 2. Navigate to […]

Moving a Domain to another Client

1. Login to WHMCS as Admin. 2. Under Domains tab of the domain you want to move, click Move Domain to Another Client located at the top-right of the page 3. A popup box will appear (you will need popup blockers disabled to use this) 4. In the popup enter […]

How to create a product in WHMCS

For you to utilise WHMCS, you need to create products that will be accessed from client side so that your clients can place orders. The creation of these products also provides you with links that you can use in the pricing tables in your website. To create products, follow the […]

Set default nameservers in WHMCS

You can specify the default nameservers your customers will use when registraing or transfering a domain if they do not specify custom nameservers. To do this, follow the steps below: 1. Go to Setup>>General Settings. 2. You will be prompted for your admin password, enter it and proceed. 3. Go […]

Manually Registering/Renewing a Domain

For some trusted customers, or indeed for your own domains, you may wish to register or renew a domain without payment. To do this: 1. Navigate to the domains tab in the client’s profile for the desired domain 2. Click the Renew button in the Registrar Commands row of buttons […]

Add currency type in WHMCS

Most times it’s more convenient to work with local currency than the default currency, USD that is configured in WHMCS. You’d like to work with Kenyan Shillings as an additional currency in WHMCS. To add KES as a currency in WHMCS, follow the steps below: 1. Login to WHMCS as […]

How to change maximum upload size for your account

The default upload size in the cpanel is 2MB. This means, when you try to upload a file greator than 2MB, you’ll receive an error. But most of the times, files uploaded are greator than this. So here’s how you increase the size using php.ini file. 1. Access the cpanel […]