How to install Let’s Encrypt in your Truehost cPanel

Truehost Cloud has a partnership program with Let’s Encrypt SSL to provide free SSL certificates to those hosting at Truehost. With SSL being more and more critical for sites, this is a very timely partnership that benefits Truehost clients. To install the free Let’s Encrypt SSL, please follow the steps […]

How to force https on your site

Once you have installed SSL and woudl like to autoredirect your site to https, please follow the steps below: Login to cPanel and navigate to File Manager >> public_html On the to right, click Settings button and select Show Hidden Files then Save This should display files starting with (.) […]

Most popular SSL/TLS certificate in Kenya

The need to have an SSL certificate has been ever growing and now with the browser initiative, it has become more crucial than ever for sites to have SSL certificates installed. The to the campaign dabbed HTTPS Everywhere, spear headed by Google, intends to have the internet 100% encrypted. As […]

How SSL/TLS encryption works

What is SSL and TLS? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This is a standard technology for keeping data in the internet secure. It does this by encrypting communication between two internet devices. These two could be a client device eg browser and a server or a server and another […]

What is the risk of not using SSL Certificate?

In an effort to achieve 100% internet encryption, various IT players are putting in resources and reputation to get this achieved. Let’s Encrypt CA started off by offering free SSL certificates so everyone could get access to the secure https protocol for their sites and emails. Google came in and […]

Adding new TLDs and updating Domain prices in WHMCS

By default, onnly a few TLDs come configured in WHMCS such as .com, .org and .net. However, most of the times you would like to add more TLDs such as, etc. To do this, follow the steps below: 1. Login to WHMCS as Admin 2. Navigate to Setup>>Products/Services>>Domain […]