How to enable Two Factor Authentication in cPanel

Two Factor Authentication also known as 2FA is becoming a necessity in the Internet. Password authentication alone is no longer sufficient. At Truehost, all our client facing systems allow clients to enable 2FA – cPanel hosting is no exception. Below is how o enable 2FA in cPanel Prerequisites A Two […]

How to Install Free SSL on Plesk (Windows)

Our Plesk Control panel provides the ablity to install free Lets Ecncrypt SSL for all your domains and subdomains hosted with us. This guide shows you how to install free SSL 1.Login to Plesk Control panel 2.Go to Website & Domains >> Security >> SSL/TLS Certificates 3. Scroll down to […]

How to create MySQL backup in cPanel

MySQL databases have a way to backup into sql files. These files ends with .sql extensions. .sql files can be used as a backup for your database and are portable. They can be restored anywhere on other MySQL databases seamlessly Below are 2 ways of getting your database backup Using […]

How to Create a DMARC record using MX Tool Box

DMARC records help improve email deliverabiliity. In this guide, we will learn how to create DMARC records and add them to a domain in cPanel 1.Visit MX Tool Box DMARC generator site using the link below 2. Search your domain and click Check DMARC Record 3.On the form that […]

SSL Certificate for IP addresses

SSL certificates can be issued on IP addresses. However, for this to happen, a few conditions have to be met SSL can be issued for a public IP address.   Your organization must own that particular IP address.In other words,the IP address must be exclusively assigned to your organization (not to the web hosting company).  A certificate authority must be able to verify your […]

How to resolve attachment stripped errors in Webmail

Sometimes when sending attachments on webmail, the attachments are immediately removed from the message once you click Send. The message below is received in place of the attachment [Attachment stripped: Original attachment type: “image/jpeg”, name: “leaves 1.jpg”] Solution You need to enable Save Attachment option as follows Using Horde 1. […]

How to add a DMARC record in cPanel

This article assumes you have already created a DMARC record. If not, please use this guide to create a DMARC record. 1.Login to cPanel and go to Zone Editor 2.Click Manage 3.Click Add Record then add the records below (Replace with your domain name) Name: TTL: 14400 Type: […]