How to restore the partial cpane backups

How to restore the partial cpane backups Login to cpanel with your given credentials Under files category, select backup and and select restore on the right side Browse the files you want to restore from your computer that want to restore

How to create backups from the cpanel

Everyone knows the value and the importance of keeping backup. Truehost cpanel has many ways you can keep and maintain your backups. The reason we need backups When we are transferring our sites from one host to another When your site is corrupted; need for restoration When part of your […]

How to move a site from Joomla to WordPress

Joomla and word press are among the popular Cms that powers a lot websites in the internet. However, WordPress is commonly used and it’s simpler to use as compared joomla. Therefore one wonders whether it’s possible to move a joomla site to wordpress. The answer to this question is a […]

How to use Content Delivery Networks in WordPress.

To make your WordPress website faster, as well as more secure and robust, then using a content delivery network (CDN) is one option available to you. Cdn reduces loading times CDN services consist of a network of servers that have been optimized for distributing static files. These static files include the […]

Symbolic links (symlinks) in cpanel

A symbolic link (known as soft link or symlink), is a special file that points to another file, similar to a shortcut in Windows or a Mac OS alias. Symbolic links do not contain the data in the target file (unlike the hard links) but simply point to another entry […]