How to Change an ip addresses in whm

To move an account from one ip to another in WHM follow these steps Log into WHM using root login details. (your ip/whm – substituting your correct ip address) In the search option, type “Show IP Address Usage” Then click on that option when it comes up: From here, you’ll […]

How to create sitemap in WordPress

There are a number of ways that we can create xml sitemap in WordPress. We will use the yoast seo plugin to achieve this. We use this plugin because it allows us to optimize our blog posts along with offering other features such as sitemaps, social integration, and more. We have also […]

Common Port Detection

Many port scan companies such as HacerkSafe, Scan Alert, Hacker Guardian and Hacker Proof scan servers to determine if there is a possible breach of security. In their scans however they detect many open ports that are required to be open. They inadvertently mark the open ports as vulnerable even […]

Cpanel versus Plesk

Cpanel and Plesk are main the competitors in the field of web hosting management. To choose the one use depends on the type of scripts you’re running. Server management has become easy and manageable because of having this two management tools.  Both have Interactive user interfaces, their performance is also […]

Deleting Dns Records in Plesk

Login to Plesk using your credentials Click Websites & Domains In the left sidebar Click DNS Settings In the list of records, select the check box next to the record that you want to delete. Click Remove. To confirm the record deletion, click Yes. Plesk deletes the DNS record.

How Change Collation Using PhpMyAdmin

There’s always been a confusion about Character Sets and Collation. A character set is a set of symbols and the encoding of those symbols whereas Collation defines the set of rules with which the characters in the character sets are compared Collation of a database can be changed easily using […]

Stopping spams mail by Greylisting in WHM

Greylisting is a service provided by cPanel/WHM to stop receiving spam and unwanted incoming mails. On enabling this option, the mail server will temporarily reject all mails from any sender (other than from the trusted mail servers) in the first attempt. Legitimate sender mail server would retry sending the mail after a […]

How to Remove A User From A MySQL Database In CPanel

You can achieve this easily from inside your web hosting cPanel in minutes. Here’s how to do it – Log in to your cPanel interface. 2. Navigate to the Databases section. 3. Click on the MySQL Databases icon. 4. Find the database you want to remove user from, in the […]