Disabling plugins in WordPress

Disabling Plugins in WordPress At times users get locked out of the admin panel while trying to extend the functionality of plugins. A white screen of death may occur at the same time of demand for plugins deactivation. Mostly plugins get disabled when troubleshooting an error occurrence in WordPress. But […]

Ways To Enhance WordPress Security

Most websites security get compromised by people who try hacking them for reasons best known to them. The WordPress installation seems easy, and with the extended features that enhance colourful designing of your website may get you not thinking of its need for security. However, this is somehow ironic because […]

Removing File Extensions using .htaccess

Removing File extensions Using .htaccess Most files in .htaccess are usually in either .php,html or. Asp language. Therefore the owner of a website may decide to remove these extensions to maybe improve in the SEO indexing or maybe improve the security because with the extensions the search is usually common. […]

How To check if cron Is Running

How To Check That Cron is Running Crons are scheduled tasks that run on a time base on the website. Some cron jobs may be configured to send output or scripts (file,image webpage output)and others to perform simple tasks work behind the scenes. Therefore its important to confirm that a […]

How To add Mod Expires To your .htaccess

How to Add mod expires To Your .htaccess Instead of waiting for every website visit to cache in your browser, control can be exercised through cache control HTTP headers by adding a mod-expire.Mod-expires hold the files(images,texts,jpeg,flash etc) with a duration of time on how each should expire. This is done […]

Optimizing WordPress with W3 Total Cache and Gtmetrix

Optimizing WordPress With W3 Total Cache and Gtmetrix With a site that receives too much traffic, there maybe too much server load whenever every visitor feeds in a request. Since there must be a connection to the database to confirm the existence of the content requested by a visitor, with […]

How To Use .htaccess File

How To Use .htaccess File   .htaccess files are usually plain texts perhaps its because they are meant to hide some files that the owner may not want to be accessible to all website browsers. .htaccess allows directories protection through passwords once they are directed in the cpanel. You need […]