How To login To WordPress Dashboard in Truehost

  How To Login Into WordPress dashboard in Truehost The WordPress dashboard login requires a username that was filled during installation and the password too. After the installation, the document root where WordPress gets installed and the administrative URL is usually displayed once the installation is complete. Therefore while installing […]

To add a domain in WHM

To add a domain in WHM in Truehost For beginers of WHM using it maybe confusing and hard to deal with but in all cases Creating a domain in WHM gives you multiple advantages such as many domains, many websites. To create a domain in WHM; Login in WHM Click […]

How To Set up Webmail In Quickbooks

How to Set up webmail in Quickbooks. Go to the QuickBooks Edit menu, select Preferences and click Send Forms. Select Web Mail and click Add. Once you click add, a pop up will appear labeled ‘Add Email Info’. Add the following inputs: Email Id: Your full email address Email Provider: […]

How To Create a Contact Form In WordPress

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress Contact forms are crucial in any website. They open a communication link between the site owners/administrators and their clients. Many may ask, why go through the hustle of creating contat forms yet I can just provide my email address to my clients […]

How to Install WordPress on add on Domain

How To Install WordPress on an Addon Domain in Truehost To be able to install any application on an addon domain, the addon domain should first be created and its nameservers registered in the Cpanel. This therefore creates a folder in the public-html where the installation can take place either […]

How to Create a user Level Filtering In Truehost Cpanel

How To Create User Level Filtering in Truehost cpanel Filtering helps in discarding some emails and for instance Spam and also redirecting some to other addresses and folders. With user-level filtering, only emails intended for your account remains in the folder. This makes sorting and analysis of your data easier. […]

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Control Panel Plesk is a commercial and complete platform for web hosting with the multi-functional control panel. It has a variety of graphic user interface options that facilitate the management of resources hosted by the end customer. Plesk gives more control to the server administrator in terms of setting […]

Access of MySQL Server R2 2008 Remotely

How To Access MySQL Server R2 2008 Remotely MySQL is an open database that processes data and its usually utilized with php to enhance the creation of a dynamic website . To access MySQL; Log in via SSH in your Truehost account Replace your username with a command for instance […]