Add-ons in the Truehost cPanel

Truehost Cloud provides top class hosting services with 24/7 monitoring and support. We also offer free web hosting for domains registered or transferred to us. Click here to see how you can transfer a domain to us. Each Linux hosting account at Truehost comes with cPanel. The cPanel has several base features and additional features too. Here, we look at some of the additional features in the Truehost hosting account that makes us stand out.


JetBackup is a software that is used to backup and also restore your account to a previous state. It is the number one backup utility available for Linux servers. JetBackup is configured at server level to create cpanel backups of all accounts and store them either locally or remotely. In the event that the user requires a restore of the cpanel account, this can be effected via the JetBackup link on cpanel. JetBackup allows you to backup/restore partial parts of the site e.g. File Backup, Email Backup, DNS Zone Backup, SSL Certificate Backup, CronJob Backup and Full Backup.


CloudFlare is a content delivery network that is provided for free on Truehost Cloud hosting. On average, CloudFlare loads 200% faster and uses 60% less bandwidth. It is a distributed network of servers designed to:

  • increase page load speeds through caching of content

  • provide high availability via the redundant network of servers worldwide

  • increase security by blocking threats before they reach the site

CloudFlare optimizes web content delivery by storing duplicates of static content (such as CSS, JavaScript and image files) on its servers. Your web site content is served from the CloudFlare server located nearest to your visitors, which decreases page load times. If a server in CloudFlare’s network is very busy, web traffic is automatically routed to the next server nearest to your visitors.

To activate and configure CloudFlare, Please see our articles on the same here and here.

SSL certificates

Our cpanel allows for the installation of premium SSL certificates. The CSR is generated from the same cPanel and used in the SSL certificate store to acquire the SSL certificate which is installed via the SSL/TLS link on the cPanel. SSL certificate is the surest way to declare that your account is secure as this is visible via either the Green lock, Green bar or both as well as usage of HTTPS protocol.


Softaculous is an application installer in the cPanel. It is used to easily install, update and remove web applications/scripts such as WordPress, Joomla. It can also be used to backup these installations periodically. It has a total of 444 scripts and is still growing. The scripts available are categorised to make access easy. Using Softaculous, scripts are auto-installed via few clicks and installation details sent to your email


The metrics tab allows the user to view and analyse several hosting related data such as site traffic, site bandwidth. Uploaded files and Downloaded ones are among other statistics. AWStats is a particularly useful add-on. It provides plenty of domain data that can help the user make improvements on the site. The is displayed from the day the site was registered under .

Truehost Site Builder

This is a Sitepad script that is custom by Truehost and made available for Truehost Cloud hosting clients for free. It allows you to choose from over 300 templates to design your website. It is an alternative to many CMS but with the advantage that it rarely gets compromised with spamming or Phishing scripts. Remember, scripts like WordPress are so popular worldwide that malicious attacker are constantly finding loopholes in this scripts and using them to exploit a user’s hosting package. With Truehost Site builder, you build your website in an easy and simple manner and publish it al via a simple drag and drop method.


ModSecurity is a security feature that prevents access to the site and it’s default subdomains such as cpanel and webmail due to supposed malicious intent. If there are consecutive log in fails to the cpanel or webmail from a particular IP, then the IP is blocked at server level by the ModSecurity plug-in. Also, ModSecurity scans uploaded files for malicious code/scripts and blocks the IP making the upload. This secures the website from malice.

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