IP Blocking

Blocking of IP in the cPanel commonly happens shared hosting servers and cPanel VPSs. It’s caused by the following; I.        cPanel server being used to host large corporate mail accounts or multiple websites with constant updates. II.        While using shared servers, it’s normally caused by incorrect logins or  over-zealous web […]

Installing frameworks on cPanel

Log in to cPanel.  In the Software/Services section of the cPanel home screen, click Softaculous. The Softaculous installer page appears. In the Search text box, type the frameworks’ name and then press ENTER. Click Install. The installation page appears. In the Choose Protocol list box, select the protocol. In the […]

How to upload a themes/plugins using FileZilla (ftp)

Sometimes it’s hard to upload a theme using the manual way. This is because sometimes, themes might exceed the maximum upload size. ftp process is one of the most convenient and sure ways to upload your file  from your computer to online sites. Requirements: Download the desired theme in zip […]

How to change the cpanel password.

Cpanel is define as a web hosting control panel that provides features e.g Domain, Security, Mail e.t.c that allow control of websites, webhost manager which has ability to manage every hosting account in the server. In case you forgot password or the one provided in the welcome email does not […]

How can I reset the FTP account password?

Have you forgotten your ftp password of any of your accounts? That cab be worrying but worry no more. You can reset your ftp account’s password. Login to cpanel. Navigate to cpanel FTP accounts (home>files>FTP accounts) Click change password of the account you want.

How to set up rules and redirects in .htaccess files in Cpanel

Htaccess file is a special text file with .htaccess extension that is created within  apache web server to configure and set up a custom directory level server environment without changing global setting of the server. There are several rules that can be set using .htaccess. Directory Access Authorization and authentication […]

What is Email forwarding?

Email forwarding refers to the operation of re-sending an email message delivered to one email address on to a possibly different email address. The term forwarding has no specific technical meaning. Users and administrators of email systems use the same term when speaking of both server-based and client-based forwarding. Email […]

Unable to send Mails on Your WebMail

I know this is very frustrating but lets pause a moment and see the possible reasons this could be happening. 1.   Mail Server (SMTP) is Offline This is a common issue to WHM/cPanel and Plesk servers.  Simply restarting the service from the control panel often fixes the issue. How To […]

How to configure webmail with incredimail

Download and install incredimail on your computer Launch the application and fill in the following first Gender and country Nb: tick or untick the checkbox if you want or not the updates and click next. Choose others in the list since we are configuring webmail. Click next Here choose POP3 […]