How to make money online by sharing links

How to make money online by sharing links Imagine making money by just sharing links within your circle of influence. It’s simple and real at Truehost Kenya. Get paid for referring customers to Truehost How to Sign up for an account at Truehost Kenya ( by just clicking the Sign […]

Web hosting solutions in Kenya

Web hosting services is a basic need in today’s market. This is because of the following reasons Reaching the world’s wide market. Every business and subsequently every individual want a share in the wide market also known as web presence. This makes web hosting a need that businesses cannot overlook. […]

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya

Cheap Webhosting services in Kenya Cheap webhosting services are attractive to buyers. Many unsuspecting buyers end up buying from unscrupulous web hosting companies under the marque of cheap web hosting service. As a result cheap has been associated with poor quality over a long time. Truehost Kenya is a top […]

Best and Top Web hosting Companies in Kenya.

5 key items to consider before settling on the best web hosting company Adequate Space. Ensure your web host provides quality and adequate space for storing your website files. Consider at least 4GB for hosting a simple website. Most top web hosting companies provides adequate space; the first package at […]

Best web hosting services in Kenya

Once you have carefully designed your website, the next step to take is to host it. For a website to be accessible to your online community (your clients, peers, etc.) it must be hosted. You can host it on your own or get assistance from a professional. Some hosting companies […]

Web hosting in Kenya

It has probably reached the point where even individuals need a website – not just businesses looking to go online! But getting a great website is not the “be all, end all”. Since a website is but a collection of web pages (as you know them), the pages have to […]

Registering a .ke domain

Registering a .ke domain means the extension of you website will have .ke meaning this extension is only for businesses and companies in Kenya In Kenya we have the following domain names available for registration specifically for organizations located in Kenya only. • – for commercial Kenyan companies • – for academic […]

Web hosting services

A web hosting services is an internet service that allows individuals, organizations to their websites, applications accessible through the World Wide Web. This article explains the various hosting services and plans that are used in the web hosting ‘industry’. We’ll also look at the advantages of the each web hosting […]