How to Buying a domain name

Buying a domain name for your business has been simplified to just 5 steps on Truehost.cloud. Businesses buying domain names for websites hosting or email hosting can now register with ease.

Steps to follow to Buy a domain / how to buy a domain:

  1. Go to www.truehost.co.ke
  2. Type your desired domain name on the domain search bar and include the domain extension
  3. Click Search, to check availability of the particular domain name – the domain search bar will return if the domain is available or not
  4. If domain name is available, click add to cart, then click checkout.
  5. A wizard will be be generated for you to fill administrative and billing information, after which an invoice will be produced.
  6. Settle the invoice to automatically buy a domain name at Truehost Cloud, details on the domain successful purchase and domain management information will be sent to your email.

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