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How To Create A Unique & Beautiful WordPress Blog Design

Do you run a WordPress blog that receives little traffic or that users come briefly before leaving without reaching your content? It is upsetting especially if you put a lot of effort into producing great content that you want people to read.

As a WordPress user, you must draw visitors to your website. Designing your blog to seem beautiful and professional will help to ensure viewers stick around to read your content. First impressions matter, so make sure your blog design has all the essential elements that will help to ensure that readers will love the information you provide.

Based on how a company’s website is designed, customers form assessments about its legitimacy. As a result, your site’s layout should be thoroughly thought out as its content. The theme, font selection, color scheme, and other factors must be taken into account while designing a professional website. 

What makes a great blog design 

The following are some key qualities that make a blog design great and appealing 

1). Excellent readability 

An appealing blog design should have an excellent readership. To make it easier to read, make sure the background and foreground colors you choose have enough contrast. Visitors will probably leave your site quickly if it uses poor color coordination, has an excessive amount of text, or otherwise appears amateurish.

2). A distinctive header 

The header of your blog should stand out because it is always the first thing visitors notice when they view your website. To make sure visitors stick around longer and visit again, leave a good impression on them to always remember your brand. 

3). Clear emphasis on the content 

Your WordPress blog should focus on the topic because adding too much-unrelated content risk losing readers. There should be no destructive elements in the background.

Visitors should get a clear emphasis on the content that your blog demands so that they don’t overlook the crucial details about your website

4). Complementing the WordPress theme 

WordPress themes provide your website with the best choice to stand out. Users notice your blog’s website layout as soon as they arrive. 

To make your website more attractive and usable, you must use a theme that is more appealing and professional looking. The choice of WordPress theme should complement the content of your website.

5). A compatible site on all devices 

Your WordPress blog should be flexible such that it can bend and change to any screen resolution, size, or orientation. For example, the header section should work on all devices. By doing this, users using mobile devices do not have to scroll down to obtain information.

6). Quality images 

The majority of consumers agree that photos and images make up most of a website’s aesthetic element. Images can help in attracting visitors’ attention and make them remain on your side to check out your content. Make sure the images you use for your website’s design are relevant, original, and high resolution.

Now that you’ve seen some qualities of a good design, let’s look at some ways of making a distinctive wordpress blog design that engages your audience.

How to create an eye-catching, distinctive wordpress blog design that appears to your audience.

#1. Choose a self-hosted WordPress blog. 

WordPress comes into two types. 

There is which is managed and there is also self-hosted With, you won’t be able to customize your WordPress blog design much unless you go with an expensive plan.

When you create a self-hosted blog, you have the full content of the overall website functionality, it’s much easier to create a beautiful blog layout. WordPress is completely free to use and you’ll get access to thousands of free themes and plugins to make up look better.

#2. Use a professional domain name.

A domain name is on a unique address used to access websites. A professional domain name is the function of a blog that appears professional.

Readers are more likely to trust a reputable brand than frequently free domain names, it’s crucial to pick a credible domain name for your up site if you want to connect with your audience.

#3. Selection of a set of eye-catching color schemes.

A color scheme is a combination to design. A palette of carefully selected colors can embody the point of your company.

When designing your WordPress blog, choose the ideal color. Look into the great color combination, pick one that stands out to represent your business, and find out how it could affect your reader’s emotions. 

A blog with strong emotional content may draw viewers to your website.

#4. Use professionally designed blog themes.

 A WordPress theme is the simplest way of making a WordPress blog look great. There are tons of free and premium themes that are professionally designed. 

However, when choosing a WordPress theme, pick one that enhances the content of your website. WordPress themes are excellent resources and the most straightforward way for creating an online presence and making your website stand out as much as possible.

Choose a customizable theme that you can design to look exactly as you want it to.

#5. Install the best WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are add-on software that let you extend the functionality of your WordPress website. They could create a stunning website for you. Whatever you need your website to do can be done with a plugin. Both premium plugins for free plugins are available online.

#6. Add high-quality images.

Visual communication has always depended heavily on images and photos, therefore,  it’s imperative to make the most of the images you choose for your website. Choosing the wrong images has the potential to ruin your website.

Make sure you choose original, relevant, high quality, and with a call to action. If getting original images is hard you can get quality images available on several sites.

#7. Employ minimalism in your WordPress blog.

You might be tempted to include every lovely detail you can think of when designing your WordPress blog. When your blog is cluttered with too many features you only distract your readers. As a result, many readers will outlook essential details about your site. When you’re designing, use relevant features only.

#8. Make your site easy to use and read.

Users are the focus of a website. You want them to be able to access your website whenever they need to and acquire what they need. The combination of text for images on your site should be simple for your readers to comprehend.

#9. Create a clear brand identity.

Your company’s distinct personality is defined by your brand identity. Brand identity is not just how your business looks to people, but how it speaks to them. Many consumers trust brands. Creating a clear brand identity is a great way of attracting for retaining an audience. 

A logo will represent your brand. It helps create a strong first impression and create a logo design that enhances the WordPress blog niche. A great brand identity should be innovative, unique, and also compelling.

#10. Design a site that works on any screen.

Consider your potential audience while designing your wordpress blog in Kenya. Your website will be viewed by people using different devices. It’s crucial to establish a responsive web design that can adapt to any screen size, orientation, or resolution.

#11. Optimizing your WordPress blog for SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you’re designing your WordPress blog, you should aim for SEO. 

SEO improves the quality and quantity of website traffic on search engines when your site is ranked high, many people can stumble on your site.

SEO-optimized WordPress blog has improved speed performance. A faster website will provide a better user experience overall, as well as fewer bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and better rankings in organic search results.

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Why unique WordPress blog design matters. 

There is a proverb that states, “ don’t judge a book by its cover,” but when it comes to information sources we all tend to judge by appearance. 

When you come upon an elegant website,  you stay to read the information. You won’t care if a website has excellent content, though, if it is poorly designed.

A unique design helps distinguish your site from other websites. You accomplish the following when your blog attracts high traffic thanks to its distinctive looks.

i). You’ll receive lots of leads, which will lead to more sales.

ii). In comparison to your competitors, your website will see more user engagement. 

iii). You’ll build a reputable brand from the high traffic you get.


A visually beautiful WordPress blog will draw the correct audience, and compel them to click, read and become subscribers. 

You can get started by designing a distinctive up blog, and the aforementioned tips can help you develop an eye-catching wordpress blog. 

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