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How To Get Web Hosting Kenya Nairobi

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 07:44 am

Are you looking for Web Hosting Kenya in Nairobi?

In this article, you will learn more about hosting your website cheaply.

Web hosting is a hosting service that makes your website accessible through the internet.

It is provided by Web Host providers like TrueHost Cloud. Different services are achieved with web hosting, securing your website using SSL certificates, Dedicated and VPS hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting, Domain name registration, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, and email hosting in Kenya.

Advantages of web hosting in Nairobi, Kenya


Different security measures employed in webhosting provide a secure environment to carry out businesses online.

This security measures include:

  • Having a secured SSL Certificate for your website also referred to as a digital certificate that assures your site visitors that they are visiting a secured site.
  • Installing malware software to detect any virus and prevent it from getting access to your website.
  • In Email Hosting, Web Host providers provide spam-filters to block any spam from reaching your mailbox.

Increase your website and business brand ranking in the SEO

This is made possible by assigning a Domain name to your website. Domain names are unique for each website. It is impossible to match a Domain name with another website as compared to the random naming system where a client can assign the business a random name.

In an SEO platform like goggle, the ranking is based on the domain name to determine the number of visitors visiting your site at any given time.

With a Domain name in Kenya, you are ranked first in the SEO so that any visitor visiting your site can locate you easily. A business or company with a Domain name can claim full ownership of the business.

Web Hosting is User friendly in terms of space, storage, and traffic solutions

The different types of web hosting services to cater to the clients’ needs based on the nature of the business and future goals.

In terms of space and storage capacity, shared hosting is suitable for clients who have been targeting to spend less on hosting and have minimum traffic on their websites.

With shared hosting, you are able to secure a space in the server and share the cost of the server. The management and maintenance of the server are achieved by the web host providers.

To achieve high traffic on your website, you need a dedicated server which is highly powered, with high speed and enough bandwidth to serve all your clients.

Web Host providers lease a server and allow you full utilization of resources. With a Dedicated server, you are able to install software applications and install programs to use whenever you need it. TrueHost dedicated servers are regularly monitored to provide 99.95% uptime.

You can create a website without technical skills

Webhosting in Kenya does not necessarily demand technical skills to create a website for hosting, web hosting packages have an easy to use control panel which is featured with a website builder with relevant instructions to install and use it to create a website.

TrueHost Cpanel has an inbuilt website builder where you just drag-and-drop following each step keenly to make an excellent website without having to include any coding skill.

WordPress Hosting is a type of web hosting in Kenya with easy to use templates and designs to create images and design your website. You do not have to install WordPress, it free and available online and can be accessed using any device with an internet connection.

Profit making

With reseller hosting as a type of web hosting, you can be able to host a website on server space and provide it with all the properties and resources like the ones you get from your Host provider.

This is termed as reselling. Most Resellers Host other websites at a profitable price.

Creation of employment

Web hosting in Kenya has opened a door for most web hosting companies, resellers, and data centers where most servers are stored. Employees can be able to earn a living from hosting websites in Kenya and improve their sense of belonging.

People use the internet for various reasons, with web hosting you can be able to reach an unlimited number of people and provide them with their specific needs at the same time. Thanks to secure and reliable Webhosting companies like TrueHost who have made our work easy by hosting the websites at cheap and affordable prices for easy use by web visitors.

Visit us on for more information on webhosting.

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